Snail Trails of Discovery

Hurricane Sandy was certainly gnarly, but one of the few groups of people able to find a silver lining to those very dark clouds were surfers.

A Cop. With an Axe, Naturally.

Inspiration comes from the strangest places. For Ethan Nicolle it came from his little brother, his co-creator for Axe Cop. The little guy writes, Ethan illustrates.

No Thanks, I'll Just Watch

There are spots you maybe, kinda imagine going to surf, and then there's places like this.


I'm not fluent in German, but I think this is the teutonic equivalent of "Hey Y'all watch this".

Little Things Matter

Details are important, not so much because of what they bring to the table, although the smallest touches can often create an experience that would be degrees less enjoyable by their absence.

Telling or Asking?

When there's smoke coming from my car's engine, or a weird noise, I take it to a mechanic, describe the symptoms and ask him to diagnose the problem and implement the solution.

Time to start (again)

Commitment to a solo project is not my strongest suit. Put me in a team and I'll make sure I deliver because I hate letting people down, but if I'm on my own, things tend to get postponed into obscurity.